Smart Cloud Studio

Smart Cloud Studio helps us to develop new applications and migrate legacy applications to cloud and mobile.

Smart Cloud Studio contains

  • Web app studio
  • Mobile app studio
  • App modernization studio
  • Smart app Integrator

Application Modernization Studio

Microsoft Technologies supported

  • VB to VB.NET
  • VB to WPF
  • ASP to ASPX

Standard approach of application migration is time consuming and expensive. Our Approach with accelerators smoothen the process of migration while saving cost and time.

VB to VB.Net Migration Features

  • Millions of lines successfully migrated to .NET
  • Code refactoring & Enhanced performance
  • Proper syntax migration with upgrade comments
  • Handles 3rd party libraries
  • Handles all VB controls and properties migration to VB.NET
  • Vb6 data access (ADO, DAO, RDO and ADOR) to ADO.NET
  • Structured error handling (converting unstructured to structured code)
  • Uses .Net native libraries, instead of VB compatibility libraries
  • Default property resolution
  • Enhanced support for the migration of common controls
  • Improved support for API Calls

Asp to Asp.Net Migration Features

  • Automated high- quality ASP.NET code generation
  • Addresses the source vs. target architecture differences
  • Converts from VBScript to VB.NET
  • Declaration handling, creating a separate script
  • Reference refactoring
  • Provides Code-Behind function
  • Migrates from ASP Built-In object to ASP.NET
  • Migrates from ADO to ADO.NET
  • Migrates from File Access System to scripting namespace
  • Migrates from CDONTS NewMail to System.Web.Mail.MailMessage
  • Migrates from RegExp to System.Text.RegularExpressions namespace
  • Analyzes and re-defines the variables with VB.NET Data Type
  • Adjusts the script block and command block
  • Generates the default property of the objects
  • Generates Detailed Migration report
  • Converts HTML to XHTML

Mobile Application Studio

Our Mobile Application Studio is the most feature rich form builder. You can build contact forms, feedback forms, online surveys, invitations and registrations on web and mobile browsers as well as in applications.

Features Supported

  • Form controls such as buttons, text boxes, check boxes and drop downs.
  • Easy to plugin with multiple layouts
  • Standard and dynamic validations
  • Database integration
  • Compatible with mobile and web

Benefits of mobile app studio

  • Customize the forms in a few clicks
  • No coding needed
  • Spam verification
  • Easy to deploy

Application Integration Accelerator

Most enterprise application users today are dealing with siloed environments where data stays within a specific application. . Unfortunately, without integration end users are stuck manually entering data into multiple systems and applications. Our Single Sign-on integration accelerator significantly reduces the time required to integrate several applications and reducing errors originating from manual data entry.

Single Sign-On Integration Accelerator Features

  • Develop a single entry web page for all the applications
  • Generate unique hash key for the local server (processor no, system ip, system name etc.)
  • Get the Application Data Server User ID for the current login system and authenticate against LDAP server to get E-mail ID.
  • Implement encryption and decryption algorithms
  • Implement web service to send the parameters to the client server and call the requested web page.
  • Web services send data in base 64 and value made available in unique URL eg.,
  • Modify the website to validate client IP.

Benefits of Integration Accelerator

  • Application users do not have to remember multiple Login details for applications.
  • Data transfer across applications becomes streamlined and error free.
  • User productivity is greatly improved.
  • Application data transfers are logged and secured.

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